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Stay Overnight in Rebekah Scott Hall

Overnight reservations are by the room, and require a minimum stay of Friday and Saturday nights. Rebekah Scott Hall offers 28 double rooms and 15 single rooms, all with communal bathrooms. All rooms are charged the same.

Registration and payment are made by only one occupant of each room. Information needed to register includes the name and email for each person staying in the room and is required at the time of registration. 


1. To book a room, the quantity = 1 room, not 1 guest.

2. Hit continue to go to the next page. Because reservations are on a first-come basis, please know there is a 10-minute timer to complete the registration.

3. Enter your contact information.

4. Next, enter the name and email of your roommate. If you do not have a roommate, please enter N/A.

5. Hit continue to go to the payment page and fill out payment information.

6. You will receive a confirmation email of your reservation.

COVID policies are set by the college, not by the Office of Alumnae Relations. Please see the most recent COVID policies here - We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our community safe!

If you are experiencing problems, please contact the Office of Alumnae Relations at 404.471.6323 or email us at We are happy to help! 
Please leave a detailed email or phone message with your full name, best phone number to reach you, and email address. 
"We will get back to you."

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Friday May 19
Reservations require a minimum two-night stay (Friday and Saturday nights). | Rebekah Scott Hall offers double rooms with communal bathrooms. | Up to two guests may stay in a room.
Not Available
Registration is from Friday, March 10 through Monday, April 10